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Re: Working remotely for USA company

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Do you mean tax implications here in Switzerland? It seems I (or employer) will owe the same taxes no matter what.

In regards to US, I think they would be more comfortable with me as an employee, since they are worried about getting in trouble for having a contractor who is a ghost employee--I guess I could register as an S-corp there in the US and use this famous loophole, but in the end it seems I will end up paying the same taxes in the US no matter what.

But, I am open to any option: any advice on tax consultants with this kind of experience (preferably near Basel)?
I am not an expert on this but the classic benefit of creating your own legal entity would be:
1) entity charges $$$ to customer
2) you pay yourself a relatively modest salary from the entity
3) you max. charge professional expenses (fitting of your study in your home office, etc.) to the entity
4) at some point you build up $$$ in the entity and find tax efficient ways to apply it (e.g. mega pension contributions, buying of property to rent out to you to live in, etc.))
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