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Re: fell on the ground and hurt my knee in Singapore, is the medical fee covered?

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Hi all,

I am currently travelling in Singapore. I just fell on the ground and hurt my left knee quite badly and I struggle to walk as the pain stops me from bending it, I don't know how serious it is.

I am with CSS for health insurance and the website says "Cover for costs incurred in emergencies for outpatient or inpatient treatment in the general ward up to a maximum of twice the tariff of the canton of residence in Switzerland."

1. Is this considered as an "emergency"? if so I woud like to see a doctor here.

2. Or is this covered by accident insurance? the problem is my last internship contract in CH ended and my next one will start on Janurary, I think legally I don't have an employer today between the 2 internship durations.

Would be grateful to hear from you

As you fell, it is clearly not health related but accident related and will be treated a such.

You have accident assurance up to 30 days after the last day of paid work in order for you to arrange your own accident assurance, so depending when your last day of work was will answer your question.

You will almost certainly be asked to pay up front in Singapore and claim back here from your assurance.

Go get a packet of frozen peas or a bag of ice cubes and put on your knee, you may find this works sufficiently that the knock is not so bad after all
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