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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Queue the typically boring nitpicking responses. Football fans, of the type singing 10 German Bombers, are a tiny minority. Football fans are a minority when compared to the population as a whole. No point in arguing further, the likes of people questioning this are probably the very same people still struggling to come to terms with Boris Johnson’s massive election victory a few weeks ago.

It also detracts from the point. English nationalism is an imaginary problem that has been created by people who after three and a half years still don’t understand the reasons behind the Brexit vote. Now it is also being used to excuse the real and very sinister form of nationalism that the SNP support.

They can hide behind their claims of civic nationalism which is a complete red herring. It still requires recognition of the nation state and the “them” to contrast with the “us”. It is the politics of devision and therefore there is little difference between those trying to divide Scottish and English people than those that divide on the basis of religion and race. It’s the politics of us and them, it highlights differences rather than similarities. It is narrow minded intolerance and should be fought tooth and nail!
Your apparent ‘tiny minority’ seems to be supporting a booming multi billion pound, constantly growing industry without too much difficulty, eh?

Sorry but you talk utter bollocks, you get called out on it then you double down with even more nonsense.
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