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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Your apparent ‘tiny minority’ seems to be supporting a booming multi billion pound, constantly growing industry without too much difficulty, eh?

Sorry but you talk utter bollocks, you get called out on it then you double down with even more nonsense.
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Football hooligans make up a tiny proportion of the population, football fans are significantly more numerous.
The sales of football kits and paraphernalia, the number of fans on the terraces watching matches each week ( and not only for the major clubs) plus the number of teams etc for kids should give you a clue as to just how popular football is in the UK.

Football is the national sport.
This and this.

Hooligans are thankfully a minority but the amount of extra police and security measures on match days are incredible.

Taking our huge local as a microcosm... it was packed, about 300 folk. Easily 80% were focused on the widescreen match.

What, TonyClifton, are you basing your "football isn't popular in the UK" nonsense on? What do you understand, and use, the term "English Nationalism" to mean?
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