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Re: People not offering their seat to elderly, injured or heavily pregnant ladies

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I still think that many who are into their smartphones do, indeed, care.

It seems to me that they just don't notice when someone has a need. They don't believe that it's their duty to be permanently alert, the don't think that they ought to be attentive, ready and prepared, towards other passengers, just in case someone might want their seat.

However, I've seen these very nice young folk jump up, and readily help with the pram or the shopping trolley or give up their seat, as soon as they are asked to help.
I always try to be aware of the elderly/disabled and offer my seat on the tram. I have never experienced an impolite response - even from those who choose not to take up my offer. That said, I have only lived here a little under 3 years. Maybe, I have been fortunate with the tram lines I take and the people with whom I have encountered. A smile makes a world of difference in my view
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