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Re: Sports car on a budget

I'm coming closer to nailing it down. I think all these options are easily doable to have max. 5k CHF loss per season.

MX5 Revolution/160HP with 3.5 years warranty still left?

This would really be a no-brainer to buy
- enough power to have fun (and keep license)
- superb handling
- surely no problem for a single season, still able to sell with lots of warranty
- and I love the Miata

But the M235i from earlier seems to be a better option on a lot of fronts:
- has back seats that actually work for even 2 grown-ups
- has a way larger boot space
- not as nifty on tracks, but still plenty fast.
But then:
- 500kg more weight

Or this Cayman ( )

But then:
- 12 years old
- Porsche servicing prices, potential pitfalls

The GT86 does have back seats but they are really only for kids or absolute emergencies, so I disqualified it.
The new ND2 Miata still needs to drop about 6-8k to be financially viable, disqualified (but very attractive).

decisions, decisions... (1stworldproblems...)
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