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Re: Employment with no degree & no german speaking skills.

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Oh, he's not 18. Maybe it doesn't make much of a difference but he's 21. I do appreciate your outlook on things and I do respect that you're really firm with the ''no rushing!''. Though I feel like you have no say on how my relationship is going to turn out, several people here have pointed out their opinions on how this is a young relationship and it's most likely going to go to hell. Telling me he's going to get annoyed with me, leave me and his view is going to change are just negative assumptions that frankly don't hold any weight as you have no clue who we are as people.

Frankly it's hurtful- but in all honesty it's the internet so I should just learn to not get comments and quick assumptions like yours in to my head.

Maybe some people spend too much time on r/relationship_advice and end up thinking that all relationships are just recipes for disasters.
Something tells me you are going to be absolutely grand... whatever you decide to do. And I imagine your BF knows exactly how brilliant you are.

On paper, my relationship with my amazing OH shouldn't perhaps work. But it does.
Best of luck. Lots of good advice on here, and support. You just need to become adept at weeding out the BS.
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