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Re: Road accident - need help and advice

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Why would the OP get a fine or ban when he simply skidded on ice? No car would stop in ice. As I read the situation, the OP was coming to a red light, he states he was approaching it and he tried to stop for the red light but there was ice so he skidded on it and this resulted in him through the red light and hit the car in front. I donít see how that is his fault? Of course Iím assuming all positive aspects such as winter tyres, no speeding, other car was directly in front of him and he didnt skid too much but I could be wrong.

Have you called your insurance company? Did you get any other witnesses to write down the details as they saw the accident? Always do this as it could help you.

HE LOST CONTROL OF HIS CAR, irrespective of the circumstances you have to be in control of your vehicle and adapt to the circumstances. If ice is to be expected then drive accordingly.
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