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Re: Initiative-logement 9/2/2020

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Well I guess I haven’t been paying attention. I got something in the mail from a group opposing this initiative. PLR, UDC, PDC, PLR, vert’libéral urging me to vote NON.

My google-fu has failed me and I haven’t been able to find anything in French or English that gives me an unbiased view of what this is all about.

My German sucks.
Not heard about it (can't vote anyway, so rarely take an interest in such things) but here's at least one article in French that seems to give some background

At first glance it looks unworkable - forcing rent controls across the board would result in lowering housing standards, reducing reinvestment, a knock-on effect on the artisans who make a living out of the regular renovations that most landlords seem keen on (whether they're needed or not). It's all based on the premise that fat-cat landlords make too much profit out of the working man, but in fact the ROI from renting property is not that high, IMO.
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