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Re: Italian VAT refund

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What do you mean? How is the price of the item in Switzerland related to this? Does the Swiss Tax apply on the swiss price? Or you mean that if the item is very expensive, it makes sense to buy it abroad?
You only pay Swiss VAT if the item is more expensive than 300,- CHF (excl. VAT), so if something would cost would cost 350,- Euro (incl.), you get back 66,- Euro. And perhaps that same item would cost 450,- Euro In Switzerland giving you an advantage of 166,- Euro.

And the item from your example which costs 1.240,- Euro might for example cost 1.600,- here giving you a total saving of 383,-

Paying Vat on import, and getting a VAT refund on export are completely separated issues. On your item the Swiss VAT has to be paid anyway, so getting the stamp and send in the form gives a saving 100,- on just that form I'd say that is quickly earned.

So it would be silly to only look at VAT and not take the Swiss price along in the calculation on how much one saves.
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