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Re: Damage in the wooden floor

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Hi all,
I need some advice regarding an urgent matter. I have been renting an apartment for 4 years now, Iím leaving it by the end of this month. I have damages in the wooden floor, almost every where in the apartment. Some of these damages were caused by my kids, but the main issue is that i assume the floor was too old. The owner got a quotation for the repair for more than 19.000 chf, his insurance would cover part of this amount because the damage was caused by the heaters, however me and my insurance would cover the rest. However, my insurance are not helping me and they are willing to charge me a big amount (around 6 or 7 thousand).. i got a wooden floor specialist, who told me yes the floor is too old (at least 15 years), accordingly, the ownerís liability is much higher than what he is supposed to pay.
N.b: the owner refused to day when the floor was installed, claiming that he doesnít know, while all my friends tell me this is impossible, and he should definitely know.
Any advice in this regard is highly appreciated
How many square meter have to be replaced? Prices can be as high as 200 CHF/square meter ( top quality )