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Re: Registering marriage in Switzerland - confusing!

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Hello, a mexican married with another mexican here.

The rules say that you need present to contrôle des habitants the marriage certificate from Mexico with apostille (notarization for international recognition because 3rd country). The apostille needs to be done in Mexico in the state were the marriage was done. You may delegate this task to someone in Mexico, see the list for apostille offices:

But...I was lucky because someone at contrôle des habitants in Neuchâtel was in a good mood that day and just asked me to highlight with a marker in a copy of the marriage certificate names, last name, birth dates, names of parents, etc. No notarized translation required Then, she input the data on some database and voila!

So, did you presented the marriage certificate to contrôle des habitants and they required a translation or apostille?

I'd guess that the best would be to ask the Mexican embassy in Bern. I'm quite confident this is not the first time this happens
Thanks for this! If it can be as simple as that then we would be very happy!

We actually tried in the Controle des habitants in Gorgier as that's where we currently live. Maybe if we try Neuchatel they will be more accustomed to it... we'll also try the Mexican Embassy here in Switzerland.

Thanks a lot for your quick & valuable replies everybody. Will update ASAP
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