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Focused Degree For Customer Service?

Hi, I'm new here. Sorry if this gets long. It's half past 2 in the morning here in Florida and I can't sleep so I get long-winded.

We are currently planning our move to Bern. My husband is Swiss and lives in Bern and my children and I will be joining him in the next year or two. This should, if we understand the process correctly, give me the ability to work in Switzerland for any company that would like to hire me and they wouldn't need to sponsor my visa.

I generally work seasonal positions year-round, as odd as that sounds. I'm a retail manager in autumn and winter. I work in a kitchen at a K-8 school in Spring. I take summers off to be with my children and travel.

I have no degree, but am 1 class away from my Associates in Arts degree for transfer to a Bachelors program. Here's the problem. Moving to Switzerland, I have no idea at all which program to pick. I struggle so much with my German that I can't fathom ever being fluent enough to work retail. I am not a huge fan of the kitchen work. My husband believes I'll be able to find employment as a customer service representative speaking English for international companies who have offices in Switzerland. While actually looking for employers with listings for such things, I've found very few that don't require at least one national language. I'm working on it, but it's not coming to me easily. lol.

So.... to increase my chances of finding employment as a native English-speaker with terrible German and zero French/Italian, I want to focus my degree on whatever will give me the upper hand in my job search. While I would absolutely LOVE to just study Anthropology, I know that isn't realistic. Business Administration is likely the best option, I believe, but a Communications degree may be equally as useful? Is there something better that I'm not thinking of that could help me find a basic, entry-level type job in a customer service field?