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Re: Is it worth it to move from Hamburg to Zurich

6k expenses for a family of 3 is rather on the "splurge" side if you're asking me.

Assuming you don't mind to commute something like 30min to work and stay somewhere in the suburbs, a decent and reasonably well located 4.5-room place can be had for <2k CHF (incl)

Health insurance for your family will be somewhere around 800 CHF (give or take, depends on extras you want) - more if you're actually sick a lot and need to see the doctor frequently, but not that much (10% after the first 300 CHF or whatever you pick as Franchise)

If you're working in the city and living in the suburbs like Dübendorf, Altstetten, Wallisellen, not completely remote (which would bring lower rents) then you might prefer to own a regional/national travel card. National would be about 6500 CHF for your family. Regional (whole Kanton Zürich) about 4000 CHF if you include some trips Swiss-wide, and locally (only your local Zone+Zürich) about 2500 CHF (depends how many zones, exactly) - so anything from 200 to 500 CHF per month. Let's again go with the most expensive option (which is also about what a medium sized car would cost, not taking parking into account) - 500 CHF per month.

Internet/Mobile phones, for two people I'd calculate 200 CHF per month including a new phone every 2-3 years for each.

That would make it 3500 CHF per month so far. Food-wise, obviously it depends a lot. You can feed a family of 3 with 500 CHF per month if you're choosing cheaper non-brand products, eating less meat, or you can spend 1000 CHF if picking more expensive options, eating out lunch sometimes/frequently. Let's pick 800 CHF which definitely isn't that low.

Cosmetics, products for the child, household materials (cleaning etc.), as well as clothing - you can literally go from basic ones, second hand for about 100 CHF per month to close to unlimited if you got a wife keen on shopping. Let's say 200 CHF per month here.

That would amount to about 4500 CHF per month fixed/base costs which would include more or less an average life. Eating out, holidays etc. not included, you might want to add another 500 CHF per month for that.

Still will "only" amount to 5000 CHF.

If you're earning 8000 CHF (after taxes, social expenses etc. deducted) you'll DEFINITELY have much more left than what you had in Germany.

In my opinion, if you've a modest lifestyle (which might include travel, too), you can "keep" more of your earnings in Switzerland as compared to Germany, while if you enjoy going out to bars/restaurants/cinemas/sports&concerts etc. more often, enjoy shopping (domestic spending in general) then Germany might be a better option, since as you correctly said, cost of living there is cheaper. The more you spend, the less Switzerland is attractive.
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