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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

You do realise that this is a discussion forum where there are plenty of folk who have differing views. I find that folk are often labelled as irrational when the brain froth becomes too saturated. There is no bullying in this case. No "mob mentality" in the disagreements. However there is a group of individuals whose views, in these instances, align/overlap/ concur/ whatever who are just as vocal as you. This isn't a soap box or a monologue arena.

If anything you are the one making endless accusations because, like a frustrated four year old who wants to win, it's not fair, they won't listen, they're not playing properly.

It's very clear to me that the world you think you live in and the one that actually exists are quite different. With some overlap. Need another Venn.

Exactly this. You are relentlessly, unnecessarily, combative and adamant that anyone not wholeheartedly agreeing with you is some sort of blinkered idiot.
No no no no no. You are not being fair! I am not combative, nor have I a problem with a difference of opinion. What I won't accept nor engage in is a relentless wave of tu quoque because there is clearly an agenda and shared opinion that goes beyond the topic being discussed!

And for your information it is bullying that goes on here. There's been enough proof and evidence from other people that it should be clear enough to you all. It doesn't help when so called "moderators" participate either! Sending passive aggressive messages, groaning almost anything that one writes for no other reason than to intimidate.
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