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Re: Is it worth it to move from Hamburg to Zurich

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Hi guys, thanks a lot for all useful information that you are posting here. It help a lot to get an understanding.

I'm still not sure if it's worth it to move from Hamburg to Zurich in money sense. I'm comfortable in Hamburg with everything expect of the money and I'm trying to solve this problem. One of the ideas is to move to Zurich.

So basically I'm 30 years old with wife and small kid, working as a web developer with 10 years of experience. My current salary is 75k euros per year (and this is almost top here) which leaves me with 4100 euros netto pro month (my wife is not working). The biggest amount that we are able to keep aside is 1k euros in month.

I checked lots about Zurich and it sounds like 120k CHF on average for 10 years experienced programmer. It's about 7900 per month netto. From what I found is the average expenses for family of 3 are 6-6.5k CHF. Which leaves not so much money after and obviously everything is move expensive than in Germany. Which for me sounds like not worth the hassle.

If my wife would start working than it changes everything significantly because it's +1-2k euros in Germany in comparison to +3.4k+ netto in Zurich.

What do you thing about all this? Are my calculations correct and is it worth it from the money perspective? Am I missing something which is free in Germany but paid in Switzerland? (I know about kindergardens).

Thanks for your time!
not worth the move
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