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Re: Buying kitchen appliances

Swiss are even more anal, they are 55cm wide which is just enough to make life difficult (ands expensive)
Actually the 55cm is a much older standard than the European Standard, also the 55 cm makes more sense when it comes to build-in equipement as for using the available space. Also the Swiss were much smarter than the rest of Europe when it comes to height

Appliances that can be bought in 55 and 60cm are btw the same, they just switch the front. Cabi^inets here had a height of 76,2 cm which excluded the stands and such, making it very simple to swap something, in the rest of Europe they said 90cm including stands causing a huge variety in cabinet and appliance heights. And for coolers often extra planks to fill a gap had to be used.

And while Europe decided about 15 years ago to finally introduce a standard the Swiss simply said "/care, we have a good system, and if people want 60cm they can do so if they please"
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