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Robbery in Rental property: Who pays for the replacement of locks?

Hi Guys,

We got broken into our rental house about a month ago while we were overseas. We got many items stollen but no damage to property.

On the day, we called police that brought detective to do the investigation. It took few hours but the process was smooth. They even called "emergency" locksmith to replace the main lock. We are in canton of Fribourg.

Next day we followed up with real state to update them about what happen and asked them to replace the other locks (same key as main) so we don't have to stay in property thief potentially have access to. As slack as they always are they didn't come back to us. Worried sick that thief can easily get in since he could copied the key (free keys were next to the door). We called lock smith and asked him to replace all the other locks linked to one key. (linked to one key because that's how it was previously)

After I followed up with insurance and claimed damages. They were very helpful and everything went well. Although, they told me they will not cover replacement of locks as it supposed to be covered by owner. They told me to follow up with real state.

I forward real state the invoice from the locksmith and they now pushing back that they'll not cover replacement of the other locks. They will only cover the main lock that was replaced when the police came. The other locks has to be covered by us because we went ahead with replacement. Really?

So we were supposed to stay in the house (thief has potentially access to) for few days and wait until our real state decide to fix the lock? Am I really supposed to pay?


I don't have much trust in our real estate as we had numerous issues already such us:
- replacement of our kitchen fridge toke them almost a MONTH
- we had owner coming to our property unannounced (we didn't report it)
- other small requests can take easily few weeks to get done
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