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Re: Robbery in Rental property: Who pays for the replacement of locks?

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Thanks for the replies guys!

To be honest, it was not really an emotional decision but probably more sense that keys can always be copied even if they're checks are in place (i.e. must proof to be owner of property). I get that probably wasn't a wise decision. In the same time, waiting for numerous days for them to come and fix it didn't seem like an option.

I contacted them two times on the same day before I proceeded contacting the locksmith. My mistake is I didn't sent email so have no proof.

In fact, I didn't even check if key is missing..again didn't consider that as factor because I assumed keys can be copied.

Anyway in summary:

Based on above landlord have no obligation to replace the locks within days/weeks. Tenant is just "hoping" it's going to be done soon.

If I replace it myself I can't go to insurance and claim damages either because they'll tell me I should have waited for landlord.

Out of interest, that applies even if the key is taken?
If the keys are taken during a burglary and this appears in the police report than landlord (or an insurance) will have to replace the locks. Our landlord asked us when we returned from holiday if we still had all the keys (also since they allow access to garage/storage/building hall etc..) If missing they would have replaced all, since I had them nobody including me cared.

However there are procedures for such, you can not just call them twice on one day and than immediately just order yourself and hand them the bill.
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