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Re: Robbery in Rental property: Who pays for the replacement of locks?

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Sadly, the landlord seems to be profiting from he rule that no change can be done to the property can be done without written approval. Thus, if you called the locksmith, you pay. There's ill-intention in the actions of the landlord, but seems to be legal.

I went to a scare like this once. One morning my wife called me to work because the kitchen faucet became a little fountain. Fortunately, all the leaking water was falling on the sink and not the floor. I tried for an hour to call the landlord to ask him if he knew a plumber to fix the issue, no results. Then I called a plumber I found on internet and by the end of the day the large leak was fixed.

Next morning I called the landlord and explained that a plumber came, replaced a faucet, etc. First thing he told me is that I had not right to a reimbursement because I contacted the plumber without his approval. To my luck, he knew and trusted the plumber and verified my story with him. In the end he agreed to pay the repair but warning once again that if repairs were explicitly ordered by him...I pay. If a window is broken, no electricity, or whatever, I should contact him and wait.

The challenge here is that when we have a problem, such as a robbery or a water leak that may flood the apartment and ruin the wooden floor, our minds are not available to think about the typical contract rules.
Immediate emergencies are different, I can even call in services for the neighbours if water is coming out under their door if I can't get hold of the landlord, and the bill is theirs.

As for the faucet, if you could have closed the water supply no emergency, in other cases emergency.
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