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Re: Robbery in Rental property: Who pays for the replacement of locks?

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The way of thinking here does amuse me.

I once rented a property in the U.K. and the landlady, who lived in London, told me I was the best tenant she had ever had in any of her properties.

The reason was when anything broke, I'd phone up the local plumber, electrician etc and get it fixed and then sent her the bills.

She thought this was much better than her having to waste her time finding a plumber/electrician etc then arranging an appointment that would also suit me, and then getting back to the plumber....and so on.

Time is money and landlords here obviously have too much spare time on their hands.
A lot here is rented out through bigger agency's and they have their steady firms that give them discounts. Smaller landlords might have their steady adres for such or perhaps even want to try themselves.
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