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Re: Robbery in Rental property: Who pays for the replacement of locks?

Hmmm... then you get your tenant calling out your favourite, mates-rates sparky to just change a lightbulb or your go-to plumber to clean the tumbler filter out then you, as the landlord, only find out when you get a bill on your doorstep.

Whereas some tenants might be sensible and only call them out when absolutely necessary, you can't account for useless morons without an ounce of commonsense. Hence, one blanket rule for simplicity.
In our case the company knows when a bill is for the landlord or when the bill is for the renter and sends the bill to the party who is expected to pay. They even state upfront who is going to get he bill, or what is the deciding factor (Like sewer blockage before or after connection on main pipe)
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