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Re: Deposit return, any rules?

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Was the deposit paid to a blocked account or did the landlord keep the money on his own account. If the latter he has broken the law.

He is able to keep the deposit until all communal costs, heating, repairs etc have been settled. If the money is on the blocked account then you agree to release the CHF 250 to him, and he agrees to release the balance to you. He should do this as soon as the accounts are settled, but he has 12 months maximum to do so.

Part of the reason for this was certain services could only be accounted for at the end of the year, so to ensure the services were paid for the landlord was allowed to keep the deposit for that period. The better landlords would keep an estimated part, the others, everything!

Now everything is digital and virtually instantaneous this no longer relies, and if he has agreed with you CHF 250, why does he now want to wait for contractors to submit invoices??
It was blocked account.

And exactly, what nonsense since we agreed to 250chf off already. I've now sent a stern letter. I saw him (and my wife) inspect the dishwasher filter with my own eyes also, so it can't have been dirty. He marked it off on the protocal as good also.

This isn't some dude. He's working for a big company and just being difficult for no reason. The new tenants were idiots and don't know how a dishwasher works.
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