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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I would argue that teachers are paid a living wage as they earn more than twice the min wage.

Increasing pay will increase the median wage, so although the kids will have more money, the no in poverty will remain relatively the same. If poverty is based on the median wage, then reducing the median wage is the way to reduce poverty.

If poverty was based on absolutes such as can people afford 1 hot meal a day & have a roof over their head, then increasing minimum pay would indeed reduce poverty, but that is not poverty in todays definition.
What is poverty by today's definition? You don't seem to like the one I found and understood to be accurate because you are greasing the goal posts, so enlighten us.

Teachers are decently paid, it's true, but NQTs are on just over 24k and it can take a long time, especially now, to get over the 30 - 36k mark which is, now apparently the range of the average UK full time salary now. I'd say only about 40% staff in an average school are on more : dept heads and SLT. Is a total guess though. Just thinking of my last dept /school and extrapolating.

Someone did the maths once: it's about 17p per hour per kid. Less if you factor in a 50 plus hour week.

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I was relying on what RufusB said as fact, are you saying she is wrong?
Could be, but I don't think is too far off. Might have been 2019 data I found. Your point?

Common Market is not the EU, though is it? Your answer doesn't make sense or is even relevant to my question. Never mind, just leave it...


Sooo, back to Brexit.

Seems to be an endless battalion of angry, insular, ill-informed people, doesn't it?

Anne Widdecombe.

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