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Re: The real estate lied to us telling us we could have pets.

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Yes, there are neighbors who have cats and it is also very evident (since they have stairs from the garden to their balcony for the cat). I have not seen dogs in my building.

It seems to me that all the apartments are of the real estate or of the same construction company. We have never talked to a "landlord" nor have we seen the name of the supposed landlord in the contract. We pay the rent to the real estate. They also take care of the cleaning and organization of the building.

My husband works from home, I work 4 to 6 hours a day, with pause and it's 5 minute walk from my house.

Moving would not be a problem, since we took this house because of the urgency of needing a place to live quickly and it does not meet our needs 100%, but when we moved to Switzerland it was what we could find. What I mean is that we plan to move since we came to live in this apartment, but we didn't expect it to have to be so soon. First we need to recover a little of the money that the moving cost us.

Hello, this is the exact answer that he gave me:

"Regarding pets, a cat is allowed, but should not leave home.
A dog would depend on the breed, and the dog shouldn't spend many hours alone in the house."

I think he lied to convince us and maybe he spoke without first consulting the supposedly existing landlord...


Thank you very much everyone for your answers. Probably the addition of a dog to our family has to wait approximately 1 year ... We want to do things well and without risks.

Anyway, I will try to write a formal letter and send it to the real estate to see if I can get a positive response... If there is a landlord, I would like to speak directly with him/her.

P.s. Another thing that I almost forgot to mention. A friend of ours is looking for an apartment, and he found one right in the building next door (the apartment is from the same real estate and has the same norm sheet at the entrance, also shares garden with my building) and guess what ... When he asked if they could have dogs and pets , they said yes too.
Well of course there is an owner of the place. But the agent does not have to inform you who it is. They have this landlord secrecy thing in CH.
Ask the agent what breed is allowed. Dont give up here. The agent sounds like he is trying to mess you around. Don't give in!
If you ask me you should just get your dog. Finish. No more discussion with the agent. These agents think they can do what they like with the people and if no one stands up to them then it will continue. PS. Dont buy a Pit Bull!
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