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Re: The real estate lied to us telling us we could have pets.

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Please do not encourage the OP to get a dog without the landlord's permission written into the contract. Please. Doing so can cause real harm.

While I agree that it is not unknown for an estate agent to act as if he or she is a morally-challenged viper and pushback is often the right way to go, in cases where a helpless sentient being would be put at risk one must think of the greater good.

The OP now knows her building is not pet friendly. It only takes one neighbor to make life an absolute misery for both the OP and her (future) dog. The anti-dog posse here have been known to go to great lengths, inclulding harming the dog. Please do not suggest actions, such as keeping a dog against house rules, that would give these folks an excuse.

No responsible owner puts his or her pet at risk. Punkt, fertig. The greater good in this situation is the welfare of the animal. If one loves one's pet, one goes about pet ownership the right way.


So again - concentrate on moving out of this situation and finding a place where permission is given upfront, written into the lease. As in my previous post - responsible breeders and rescues will require this anyway.

Once the right place is found, then start looking for your furry friend.
The agent said dogs are allowed. But only certain breeds. Stand up to these shits and show a bit of courage. You might be in another country but YOU have rights!

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