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Re: IT Contractors - why an agency has to be involved? Let's find projects directly

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1) why all contracting jobs are through only agencies
2) why the agencies have to search for such projects and I do not see ANY contract jobs advertised by the smaller clients. If I was a such client and needed an external employee for a specific task, I would rather give it a try so search them instead of going to a software firm how bills min 50% more (or an agency, who bills at least 20% more...)
3) how the agencies get the projects, how do they operate.
+1) which agency do you know about to focus on KMUs for IT projects?

I look forward to read some answers for these 3 questions.
Obviously the agents provide you with a valuable service, since you clearly have not got the foggiest idea how to go about it on your own, even after you have received some good explanations.

Why would you even think that smaller companies have a needed to hire contractors to write custom software for them in the first place? Most smaller companies cannot afford to run in house software projects, so they use standard packages, excel, access and specific packages written by the small Swiss software houses that target their market and if there is custom work to be done it is to those Swiss companies they go to get it done not some random foreigner, who might not be around next time they need help.

Outside of the agency work most other needs are met by Swiss software companies. They usually employ 5 to 20 people, sell some kind of product or tool targeting a particular sector and doing custom development as well. Go to any national industry show and you’ll find dozens of such firms advertising their services.
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