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Re: The two most criticised Women today Meghan Markle & Greta Thunberg

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Back in the day similar stuff was said of Diana . I saw a documentary on Wallis Simpson . Much the same story. In the long run, such things don’t hurt the royal family. On the contrary they strengthen the royal family because , well , they show that only royals know how to act like royals . And in the meantime the rumour mill needs to be fed. The outrage is largely fake IMHO . Life goes on.
Not so sure. The people who write the frankly quite shameful stuff are given a much more widespread platform these days with the internet, which wasn't around during Wallis Simpson's time and, during Diana's time, was only a vague shadow of what it is today.

Having said that, and not even being much of a royal fan myself (I can take it or leave it but think a limited circle of royals is beneficial to the country), I find it jaw-droppingly awful to read the garbage which must be wafting around some people's heads. The hatred for someone they don't know anything about apart from the public persona is quite something.

From that point of view, I don't think that kind of outrage (although in truth I think it's less "outrage" and more "a rather nauseous embarrassment") is well placed. You have to have a screw loose to be SO angry about someone you don't know who's basically not doing any real harm to anyone. Or maybe those people need to get a life and/or a job?

But hey, "outrage" is so much more a fashionable word to use to discredit anyone in disagreement, eh?
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