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Re: The two most criticised Women today Meghan Markle & Greta Thunberg

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Back in the day similar stuff was said of Diana . I saw a documentary on Wallis Simpson . Much the same story. In the long run, such things donít hurt the royal family. On the contrary they strengthen the royal family because , well , they show that only royals know how to act like royals . In that respect Prince Andrew has caused far greater damage, but even there , heís sufficiently far from the throne to genuinely matter . And in the meantime the rumour mill needs to be fed. The outrage (at least as far as Megan is concerned ) is largely fake IMHO . Life goes on.
I dunno...I think the treatment of Diana (before the crash) by the Royals put a lot of people off them, as I suspect the (perceived - how the hell do we know what's REALLY going on behind palace doors) treatment of Meghan may prove similar.

I think most anti-monarchists, including myself, actually think QEII is OK (despite disliking the institution) and does a good, dignified job - the real test for the Monarchy is when she eventually passes away.

According to Polls; William, Harry and even Meghan are actually more popular than Charles. Not sure he has the charisma or support to make a decent fist of ruling.
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