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Re: The two most criticised Women today Meghan Markle & Greta Thunberg

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I think there is also a certain degree of keyboard warriorism in play as well. People get into a frenzy and are egged on by people who are equally in a frenzy and end up saying things that under normal situations they wouldn't be saying or even thinking.
Well quite...

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It spans across generations, though. Whether you hear it home or on a train, online or elsewhere, is irrelevant. I hear a mix of empathy and concern for her. I think representing a guilt-trip cannot go for ever, either, in terms of branding or tabloids fodder. Her entourage exploits.
I think the main thing that people are irritated about is that, like her or not, she's raised the issue more than anyone else ever has.

No-one else (few people?), on the subject of climate change, has created such a talking point.

It's actually quite a show watching people fall over themselves trying to discredit her when they are just raising her profile and the issue she is building awareness for even more.

Ironically, if the detractors and critics would just stop trending her, she would just end up in the same net of anonymity as all the scientists who have been trying to raise the issue for donkey's years.

Almost Trump-esque in the climate science world.
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