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Re: The two most criticised Women today Meghan Markle & Greta Thunberg

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Oh boy....

Meghan Markle is hated because:
She's neither black nor white.
She seemingly doesn't give one flying hoot if you LOVE or HATE the decisions she's making--- she will make them for her and her family.
She's successful in her own right
Very much for her own personal happiness and rejoices in her self worth
The British Public loves to make her into the "Mad Black Woman"
The type to nearly say "CAN I GET AN AMEN"at her royal english wedding with the unapologetically black ensemble

Greta is hated because:
She carries disability (asbergers?) but gives her an edge for her captivated way of speaking
She is part of the youth generation deemed as over-opinionated and know-it-alls
She states what she knows very matter of factly and doesn't mince words, much like a cutthroat CEO taking names, gathering even more information, and forging connections for her own agenda

Both of these women.... are WOMEN. None of the problems I addressed or lack there of are really problematic issues for men. These women are seen as very ultra-feminists in entirely different ways. Every one knows feminism in 2020 has been demonized. Nasty evil women running the world with their men-hating perspectives and agendas. :P
Yup. This. Sadly, this. Even now.

It's the whole drive/aggression thing: men are often described as having the former, women the latter, when in actuality they display the same traits.

I think Meghan is great, strong, determined, articulate and has clearly been struggling with post-natal stuff whilst in a vile media fishbowl.

Greta is strong, determined and articulate and has forged/been given a platform so she can continue to be all these good things and more.

Strong, determined and articulate wimmin seem to scare the (media) "men"folk, esp. Piers Morgan and his ilk. He seems to be leading the charge against Meghan.