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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I am sorry, Blueangel, but they can make any claims they wish. Would you like to ban people who disagree with you and don't rush into communication despite your demands and entitlement?

They will, though, if you are sincere and invite the communication. I haven't seen that just now. Nor in your answer to me, so take my reply as a gesture of good will.
Where did Blueangel make demands? Entitled? Good grief.

What would it take for you to communicate in a sincere manner? I'm inviting the communication, most sincerely.

I do get the impression, however you are unwilling to engage with those of opposing views.

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I did not do that

Difference of opinions do not impact bans I issue.
You absolutely did this, only I believe you were overruled and the ban lifted.

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Please tell me where Blueangel requests or even hints this?

If you did not, then why the smirk/wink? Rather odd, methinks.
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