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Re: How to find a property to buy?

If you are thinking of the Silver Coast, it might not be the worst idea in the world to expand your search over the other side too.

We spent years looking around the lake in Zurich for a place to buy (more on that later) and really found that the silver coast prices had begun to catch up with the gold coast prices, for whatever reason (maybe speed of getting into Zurich?). The issue however, was that every place we looked was pretty compromised; right by a train line, not a nice street, too far from a public transport stop, incredible density of properties etc.

In the end, exasperated as we were, we decided to broaden our search and ended up with somewhere on the Zugersee instead - lower tax, commutable (to Zurich) and a bit less densely packed. If you aren't having much luck around the Zurich lake and the view is important, maybe it's worth considering?
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