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Re: Driving a Swiss Registered Car in the EU by a Dual CH and EU Residence Permits Ho

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This seems to be the definitive word:

"Beware new EU law if you are hiring a car in Switzerland this summer
"A Swiss-registered hire car cannot be driven across the border to France, Germany, Italy or Austria by an EU citizen"

It isn't obvious that the Regulation applies to the OP. It would take close reading of the Regulation linked in that article to see how it applies to a person with immigration authority who is not in fact a EU resident or citizen.
Many countries already had such rule more than half a century ago, dunno why the EU thought they should get an opinion on this also. And also there is no such thing as "when being an EU citizen I may drive an EU registered car." Try driving a German registered car in the Netherlands when being a Dutch registered citizen.

However none of that is any point of discussion.

Point of discussion is wether or not OP can be seen as EU citizen or not, and if so would him having CH as habitual residence allow him to drive a Swiss car in the EU or not.
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