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I find it hard to have a proper clue as to how far this will go.

Clearly China again shows itself untrustworthy, it took way to long to take measures and now it simply might be to late, the numbers they give out are much lower and hardly show any growth which does not really relate to the images and videos that leak out of China showing people collapsing and laying dead on the streets of Wuhan. We hear reports of people not getting tested and their death is put on pneumonia but the relatives get told to burn the body since it shows all traces, and we see dead bodies on the floor in the hall of incredibly overcrowded hospitals that send people with symptoms simply back home since they lack the space. To me this already has gone much more extreme than China wants us to believe. Not to mention the deletion of tweets and all such. The closing of towns is simply to late and almost meaningless since it already spread into the Provences. I wonder if they can keep this up if food and water becomes more rare.

Sometimes I'm an optimistic guy, not this time.

1 or 2 hours ago they also confirmed two cases in France, and given the long incubation time of 10 to 14 days more most currently roam the streets. Maybe it is all the other countries that simply should shut the door between China and the rest of the world till the either open the book completely or this has blown over. Especially with hundreds of Chinese people wanting to travel due to the Chinese New Year which is tomorrow.
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