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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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UK paid holiday is set at 5.6 weeks, EU paid holiday is set at 4 weeks.
UK sick pay is set at 28 weeks, EU sick pay is not set at all.
Minimum wage in the UK is set at 8.21, in the EU there is no set minimum wage.
Maternity pay in the UK is currently 52 weeks (90% for 6 weeks 140 for 33 weeks), for the EU it's set at 14 weeks.
Bank holidays must be included. Agency workers didn't have these entitlements until the EU working time regulations came into effect.

Not everyone gets 5.6 weeks holiday. Sick pay entitlements have to be earned. Different employers have different rules. Some much better than the minimum above.

It's 39 weeks of statutory mat pay. Entitled to have 52 weeks off but the final 13 weeks are unpaid. Statutory mat pay is so poor few can afford to have the full 52. Some Occupational mat pay is, thankfully, better.

14 weeks is undoubtedly shit.

You do get 12 years of NI credits though in the UK so that's something.

But all of this is further proof that the demon EU isn't the puppet master some Brexiteers say it is.
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