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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Moving the goalposts again!
So now the EU is not poor at making free trade deals as you claimed, you are now claiming it is making these trade deals with the wrong countries.

How about turning this coin around and saying the US, China, India, Australia are really poor at making trade deals because they have failed to make a trade deal with the EU (the second largest world economy).
You know it takes two to tango

Of course, the GDP of all the countries with which Japan has free trade agreements (FTAs) is larger than that of the EU because one of those FTAs is with the EU (the second largest world economy). Same goes for South Korea, same goes for Canada, same goes for Switzerland
Soon to be be same goes for the UK too!

And me moving the goal posts? You're the one that brought up a whole host of other countries to try and back your very weak argument. You seem to make a habit of accusing others of what consistently you do yourself!

And the EU is poor at striking trade deals. Another example is that which hasn't yet been struck with Mercosur despite it being under negotiation for TWENTY years! Why? Not because of the Amazon, but because EU farmers are concerned with the prospect of cheap Latin American food landing on the market shelves.

Itís easy espouse the virtues of being part of a MASSIVE trading bloc, but membership is equally as detrimental to striking trade deals because one country within the bloc is always held hostage to every another country agreeing to what's is requested. It's why the Canada trade deal was almost killed off by Wallonia. Acting as a single country allows allows freedom to act in self interest and concentrate on economic sectors that really matter to that country. It's why Switzerland has been more successful in negotiating trade deals than the EU, or why Chile, who have free trade agreements covering most of the GDP of the globe, are more successful than Mercosur.

It's senseless discussion anyhow, the UK leaves on Friday. The UK will strike an agreement with the EU because they have to. No agreement and that could be the catalyst that finally pushes Germany into recession, starts another Euro crisis and brings the whole house of cards tumbling down. They wouldn't be so dumb as to risk that would they?! Maybe they would? Who knows!
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