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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It's senseless discussion anyhow, the UK leaves on Friday. The UK will strike an agreement with the EU because they have to. No agreement and that could be the catalyst that finally pushes Germany into recession, starts another Euro crisis and brings the whole house of cards tumbling down. They wouldn't be so dumb as to risk that would they?! Maybe they would? Who knows!
I think inadvertently you have shone a light on everything that is wrong with the Brexit mess. I know you fiercely oppose the EU but I think some of it has come about because of the material you prefer to read. You have grumbles about the EU so you only read the grumbly stuff that confirms all your fears and doubts.

From Friday, it'll be sink or swim for the UK and the UK alone. The EU will tick along nicely and will not allow a deal which threatens that.

You criticise the time that it has taken to strike deals elsewhere, but it's more than just agreeing to exchange "Latin American meat". There are standards to be upheld in farming, slaughter, treatment, packaging, employees, the list is endless. This is how it will be on all trade negotiations with the UK. The UK might have some kind of a headstart because it has been thus far producing goods and services to an EU standard but it will not be easy, especially if BoJo is full of his usual bravado with Dominic Cummings pulling the strings from behind.
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