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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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It is an ansurance, as most things in CH. Paid in by people themselves. The conditions for "pay out" are tough. This un-entitlement mindset needs to exist in EU too, it doesn't.

It is not seen as a safety net here.
The system exists and it works. Doesn't matter why or how or what. It exists.

The conditions for pay out are NOT tough. You have to look for a new job and simply prove it. People who find it "tough" are not simply not trying. There's even help with language, and other tools and courses to support job search so there really aren't any excuses. It is structured and, for the main part, fair.

Of course it's seen as a safety net because that's what it is. I think you are confusing it with "a lifestyle choice". People here don't see it as a "lifestyle choice", so don't be such a snob.

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Maybe it should be created, then. Small independent states have more chance to create small efficient systems.
LOL! You are kidding, right? You think that now that the UK has Brexitised itself, it's going to make a whole new benefit system because it's not in the EU any more?
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