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Re: Need for a nurse at home- help with injections

OP didn't actually say she'd had no advice or instruction. Even if she had, I can well understand her being concerned about it, and wanting more advice or even active help the first couple of times.

It's not difficult, but it is scary.
Yep, fair comment but it was the later post:
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Thank you omtatsat, I asked in HB permanence and they didnt accept to do it. I would do it myself if the medication didn't need prepa, but as it does i prefer to see if I have any other option. I am not afraid of needles or the pain ;-)
...where it sounded like the OP hadn't received the necessary instruction and it just seemed a bit slapdash on the part of the doctor, especially if it needs more preparation than just taking the needle out of the pack and off you go.

If not, then fair enough.
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