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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I didn't say the EU was puppet master, I said that the argument that the UK should keep tied to the EU due to Workers or Human rights is laughable. Plus, if you think workers rights in the UK are bad, then check out what they are in Switzerland!
Said this many times before...I was a trade union rep from 1994-2003 and part of a team that rolled out the 1998 EU Working Time Directive after a week long training course with the DTI to ensure we fully understood the implications, impact, etc.... We conducted training and information sessions with groups of staff from every level of the workforce, including upper management. We also conducted review sessions periodically after the implementation to check how people were adapting to the regulations, and the feedback was 100% positive, even from upper management who said they were better able to predict and plan workforce availability for overtime, etc. Other levels of satff commented on how it almost eliminated bullying to do overtime, and they felt more in control of their work life balance and commitments.

Before it's implementation, a fair amount of the union workload was dealing with grievances from people who were being bullied into working huge amounts of overtime with short shift changes, and it eliminated staff being forced into working 16 shifts without a 48hr break during promotional periods, which was too common in our workplace.

If you find the protection of workers' rights laughable, it says a lot about you.

'What has the working time directive ever done for us?'

This isn't the case in the UK. There's a token gesture of Universal Credit or whatever it is now but that's it.
Last week, I was read about a vulnerable adult, Errol Graham, who starved to death after his Universal Credit was wrongly stopped by the DWP.

Add to that, the 14 weeks average wait time for new disability benefit PIP claims, and you have a truly diabolical state of affairs, and that's without linking to the recent articles about a Tory MP claiming that food banks are a good way of dealing with child poverty.
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