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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

I've been under the RAV 3 times during my years here and, for the most part, no more than 3-4 months each time before I found another job so I do have at least an inkling of the system.

I know that they don't allow people to divert from the career they signed on with and I guess this also applies to people who want to retrain even within their industry (otherwise, where do they draw the line on retraining?).
I'm not actively criticising the system, just trying to point out that your blasť statements about it being over-generous and an easy safety net do not always apply.

I don't believe the burden of "working" for the RAV is all that intense - 10 to 12 job applications a month and they pay you a pretty generous "wage" for this.

There was nothing stopping you retraining in your own time - plenty of people take distance learning courses for all kinds of things, even whilst in full employment.
Ten-twelve applications a month was a joke for me and my skillset. Even if I applied for all the ones I knew I wouldn't be considered for due to over-experience (they don't want someone who's always looking for better ways to do the job rather than just doing it, however flawed it might be) that left me with a huge shortfall that I had to make up with stupid timewasting no-chance-in-a-million-years applications. And then try to force those to give some feedback to prove I'd made the application.

As for retraining, the problem was that I had a decent project lined up in a new area, was happy to do it for free based on future commissions, but wasn't allowed to commit the time to doing so. Just doing courses would have been completely useless - a course or two but no hands-on experience in a particular software discipline gets you precisely nothing, not even past a first screening.

Rigid policies, mindlessly applied.

As I said, I don't really have a beef with them, but I do get annoyed when people suggest it's a cushy number for everyone. I fact the UK or even better the French systems would have left me much better off in the long term, given the limited time that the RAV system applies for.
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