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I'm not actively criticising the system, just trying to point out that your blasť statements about it being over-generous and an easy safety net do not always apply.
Err... not sure that's what I said at all.

MC claimed the "conditions were tough to pay out". I answered that actually the conditions are not tough. You just have to meet the criteria which is pretty much standard for everyone.

Neither did I claim it was an "easy" safety net (not even sure what YOU mean by that ).

For those on the thread getting their knickers in a twist about CH employment law meaning you can apparently be shown the door at the drop of a hat, it means that you are then eligible to apply for unemployment assistance which, yes, is a safety net.

Not sure why this is causing such a pearl-clutching response. The RAV is what it is. If you want retraining you simply can't expect the RAV to bank roll it for you. Simple as.

It's just there to support you until you can get a new job.

By the way, nobody said it was "cushy". The times I've been on it were also tough and, depending on your advisor, can be downright teeth-grinding. In my experience, it certainly wasn't a 3 month jolly and I was glad to get back into the workplace.
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