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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Quite so. And all the more major benefits, Healthcare, Income Support (or whatever it's called these days), disability benefits, etc. are independent, i.e. you're equally entitled to them whether you've been paying National Insurance contributions or not.

I think there's a separate Unemployment Benefit which is only payable for a given period after becoming unemployed, so there's a link of sorts, but it's not directly related to contributions paid in.

Some background reading here for anyone interested. (Claims to be independent, but I don't vouch for its accuracy).
It's pretty much the same set up here, though. If you can't work because you've become disabled or ill you don't go to the RAV, you claim IV, in the same way as the "Unemployment Benefit" you mention above wouldn't cover you for disabilities preventing you from working in the UK.

I think there's some confusion as to what the RAV is actually for here. It's not a catch all payment scheme for simply not having a job. I think that point needs to be cleared up.

Benefits schemes are also layered here, depending on the situation.
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