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Re: Dog Socialization a Real Problem in (Central?) Switzerland

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Of course what came first we shall never know. Perhaps in my village there was a mean old dog a few years back and everyone got in the habit of keeping their dogs on a leash and disallowing contact with other dogs. Who knows. But I actively seek out friends in other communes with dogs so that I can give my girl her doggie social time. Our training club does “pack walk” type activities too. If t weren’t for that she would be leash agressive herself lol.
What you describe in your post makes complete sense, and its exactly what I would expect from everything I've read and experienced.

Pack walks sound fun - I'll have to look into that. I think my dog would get a huge kick out of it. When he is at doggie daycare, they tell us he goes around and plays with every single other dog. He's mister social.