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Re: Laderach (Läderach)... run by anti-gay and anti-abortion religious fundamentalist

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It's a modern problem that having rights simply isn't sufficient anymore. Many activists don't believe in "live and let live", they're more into "agree with us on everything or face boycott, shaming and the long arm of the law".
Where have you been living? Under a rock? This has been going on for literally generations around the world.

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We've seen it with same-sex marriages, that legislation wasn’t enough. The next steps is forcing churches to officiate them, forcing wedding planners to serve them, forcing wedding venues to cater for them and firing people for speaking against them.
This is irrelevant to the thread but in any case... The law is there to prevent discriminating on sexual orientation so I'm not sure why you think there should be pockets of businesses and the church that think they should be so special they can be exempt.

This isn't 1958.

It's an eye-opener to see what people are revealing about themselves in this thread, though...
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