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Re: Insurance Runaround

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One of those questions was "Do you have health insurance?"... to which I answered "Yes" because I did in fact have health insurance.

The village official who collected this paperwork never asked me to provide any proof of that insurance, and I never thought to ask if she needed it.

Fast forward to mid-2019. I've decided that since I'm now living almost exclusively in Switzerland that I should just sign up for a Swiss health insurance plan. My U.S. coverage was still in current at the time.
Your US coverage almost certainly would not have been valid here, and although you maybe didn't realise, it was up to you to prove to the Swiss authorities that it was. It's very unusual that a foreign health insurance is acceptable, and certainly not by default, i.e. you'd have had to take some action to extend its validity to the satisfaction of the Swiss rules.

So I think you'll almost certainly just have to bite the bullet on this, painful as it may be. The fact was (almost certainly) that you weren't actually covered and (definitely) that you hadn't proven that you were, and although it's not nice, ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

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