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Re: Insurance Runaround

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Just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean things are done one way or another.

It is not up to me to question the logic of some procedures of the health insurance ordinance. It is very simple: the insurance company sends premium supplement bills in parallel to monthly premiums unless the insured person contests the supplement in writing to the insurance company.

Have you by any chance been charged with this premium supplement and can start adding value to the thread from first hand experience?
Such nonsense.

They don't send supplement bills in parallel, they can raise the monthly premium and just send one monthly bill for that.

You have not yet answered my question:

Now tell us: According to what logic would an insurance send a bill of thousands.

From OP:

Soon after my application for Swiss health insurance was approved we received a nasty-gram from a cantonal office saying that since I didn't have health insurance (not true) since my B-Visa was approved that I was in violation of the rules that make health insurance compulsory in Switzerland that I was subject to a penalty of several thousand Swiss Franc.
Health insurances can't issue penalties of several thousands.
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