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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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One is not loyal to a set of lines on the map but to a society. As long as England gave you the possibility to live where you wanted - not there - it was fine. Now you expect an other society to put up with the EU, so again you can profit without partaking. ROFL.
Giving nothing, running off when no longer given what you want. You must be joy of a family member.

Come to think of it: For once the US seems to have the "fairest" system? They tax you where ever you live but they also let you vote.
We are all British my dear fellow, not English. England is an entirely different set of made up lines that partakes in sport.

I do not hold loyalty to a set of line because I am told to do so, nor to a Monarch just because I've been told to do so.

What society is this you talk of? There certainly isn't just the one in Britain, is there?

What's the nonsense about expecting "an other society" [sic] to shoulder my burden? One has to qualify and this other country (not society) has deemed me a valid applicant, that's the end of any commitment. I am sure it is expedient to us both.

The last line is the most interesting though, isn't it? You assume that because I hold little value in a set of lines, I value my family the same? I would point out my loyalties are very easy to judge and unambiguous - family before everything else.

Can you honestly say the same without making yourself a hypocrite? Or does "country" just nestle somewhere halfway down your list of loyalties, yet you feel able to lecture others on its importance?
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