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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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StirB posts going their usual off track wild again. ROFL.

However. Your post was:

When the reaction to that was not "oh, you smart little devil (well one of a few hundreds ) what a wicked way to have the cake and eat it too" you turned it into a huge drivel about nationalism ..... all the way to Christianity

The Swiss part of me (yes I too have different nationalities but I was born with them) does not have to welcome you, as you don't want to join, you like the cake. Which is no surprise. I like it too.
I still haven’t decided if you’re a parody account or genuinely thick.

How does it matter how nationality or citizenship was acquired? You want a medal because you were born with multiple nationalities? Guess what, me too, but my Irish lineage has lain dormant until it was needed. They are happy, I’m happy, you’re upset.

You luckily don’t get to decide how well integrated I am or whether I’m worthy of a slice of the Swiss pie I’ve paid into for 13 years without being allowed to vote, so cheer up, no point getting worked up about something that you can’t influence.

Btw, you do realise that I’m still a British citizen, right? So what am i meant to have run away from exactly?
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